About Vizualize

Founded in 2004, we provide digital, artificial intelligence and IoT solutions to retailers, facilities and venues to enhance visitor experience. We are based in Hong Kong and serve customers in Asia, Europe and Middle East, materialized ideas from our clients into real-life solutions.

We started with retail analytics solutions and gradually created extensive digital solutions relevant to our clients. 

Our Products

Our Retail/Visitor analytics products. Measures as simple as your footfall to complete visitor navigation from entry to exit. Know your store and facility performance now.

Storemetrics on its fifth version is a reporting platform for retail/visitor analytics data. Ready-to-go with industry proven reports. Seamlessly connected to Vizualize products, or other retail analytics devices.

Digital Team Management platform, specifically designed for retail and mall, including e-patrol and property management modules.

IoT management platform, including a cloud digital screen and product shelf display management, out of stock detection device, locker/door access control management.

E-commerce platform, build your own online shop for your products, host an event or serve bookings. ThinkShops App on your mobile to manage your online business anywhere.

Our Services

Web & Mobile Development

Swift Development using latest technologies

AI and Machine Learning

Apply AI to your day to day problem

IoT & Digitization

Enhance efficiency and interaction

Digital Team ThinkTeams

Digital Roster

Scheduling tasks and communicate with your team effectively.

Team Operation

Track progress and reports on a real-time basis

Performance Tracking

Track and optimize store performance with your teams.

Mobile Training

Training on mobile and track team progress

Team Engagement

Engaging and interacting with your teams – enterprise Social Network

Property Management/E-Patrol

digitize your patrol routine, track incident and real time data

IoT Solutions

by ThinkBASE

Think Spots is a scalable IoT solution relevant to retail/facility space (spots), including digital screen management, out of stock management and access control.

Spotize -by ThinkRetail

Digital Screen

Manage your digital and content from the cloud console. Flexible scheduling designed to fit in advertisement and other visitor information.

Access Control

Manage door or locker access QQMEGA368 from our Slot Resmicloud console, provides API to integrate with your own app

Price Tag Display

Display price and promotional information on your shelves

Out of Stock

Monitor stock level on your shelves, notification to your in-store staff when stock level runs low. Track product replenish rate and lead time.

Our Clients