Retail/Visitor Analytics Reporting

Storemetrics is an analytics reporting platform designed specifically for retail/visitor analytics data from retailers, facilities or venues.

Visitor Analytics Data

Capable of working with footfall/people counting data, visitor tracking, heat map, complete customer journey data, demographics data and more.

Industry Reports

Custom and standard reports that comes from real retailers and mall operators. Or setup your own dashboard online and send regular report to your team by email.

Footfall/Analytics Integration

Seamless integration with Vizualize analytics product, setup and ready to go in mins. It also integrates data from other sources, including footfall counter from other vendors or other analytics providers. Common footfall counter already has an adapter to protect your existing investment

Sales Integration

Sales data integration can be done through our built-in API. Also support additional information like staff hours, weather and temperature


Watch any abnormalities in you data and get notified by email immediately. Allow custom data checking rules for flexible setup, data recovery using statistics averages from historical data when data is permanently lost due to system failure to ensure continuity of your data

Mobile App

Storemetrics App to view your data on your mobile