Our Services - Solution Development

Turn your business ideas into a tangible and functional solutions.


Web & App Development

Web application is online presence of your business.  Your system has to include features that are relevant to your customers, and yet intuitive to use.

Vizualize adopts a proper UX design process, accurately align the system with your business objective before actual technical implementation. Our software development team has years of experience to craft the end product that delivers the exact UX design, in a quality and efficient manner.

Mobile has also become a critical channel today. Vizualize has the expertise  to implement any of your new mobile initiative, from completely online business, O2O initiatives to store digitiazation concepts.

No system today works in isolation today, At Vizualize, apart from our core software implementation service, we also cover technologies like Bluetooth, Beacon, RFID, QR code, data analysis, Machine Learning and AI. Our IoT initiatives can benefit your project with hardware implementation as well.

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Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have automated tasks that has long been tedious in the past. Retailers has its unique opportunity now to utilize the technology the stream line their operation. Create application of the technology can lead to deeper interaction with customers and improve conversion in the end.

On the other hand, machine learning harvest pattern from abundant data. These learnt pattern benefits retailers on making better decisions and designing products and strategies that welcomes their customers.

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IoT and Digital Solutions

Retail is no longer merely having spectacular product and window display. Creative engagements with your customers have become critical to convert your customers. Keeping in-store experience interesting and engaging defines the winner. Traditional process like delivery or loyalty card needs to be digitized to keep them still relevant to your customers.

Apart from our software development capability, Vizualize has vast experience in IoT devices and Machine Learning technique that empowers your unique ideas with the state-of-the-art techniques and finishing inside your store. Whether it is software driven, or complete setup with different type of devices, even customized devices that will suit the very special need of your business.

Digitization is a lengthy process. Vizualize helps to break the process down into smaller steps and bring them forward one step at a time.

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What We Do?

UX User Experience

Modern and functional design to minimize friction when your user start adopting your solution.

Scalable and Quality Design

We build all systems with scalability and quality in mind. Start small and get ready as you grow.

IoT Aware

Ready to communicate with many different types of IoT or your own IoT devices

Swift Implementation

Quick turn around on our software development based on Agile methodology.

Retail Technology

Work with major technologies: Bluetooth, QR code, location based system, RFID, smart tags.

Machine Learning and AI

Bring machine learning to analysis or make prediction from your data. AI based techniques particularly computer visions to assist your user or collect more relevant data for your business.